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Brazilian, Full Body, and Facial Waxing in LaVale, MD

Tarrah Dawn Hair Salon, Inc. Offers Brazilian, Full Body, and Facial Waxing

Tarrah Dawn Hair Salon, Inc. is home to skilled body wax technicians with over ten years of experience. We offer Brazilian wax for both men and women. Located in a remote, private area in a clean and relaxing atmosphere, we strive to give a professional and gentle experience. Call us today at (301) 729-1925 to schedule a waxing appointment. 

Located in LaVale, MD, we regularly work with clients from Frostburg, MD; Bedford, PA; Oakland, MD; and the surrounding areas.

Battle Facial Hair with Professional Waxing in LaVale, MD

Tarrah Dawn in LaVale, MD, has the skill you look for in professional facial waxing. Our team has years of experience in facial waxing and will make your salon visit as comfortable as possible.

Contact Us for a Waxing Appointment in LaVale, MD

Contact us today to learn more about our facial waxing options. If you are looking for a full day of pampering, ask about our various spa treatments and hair services as well. Please note that prices may fluctuate depending on the amount of hair we need to remove.

Waxing Prices - Female

(+ indicates starting price)

  • Eyebrows $10.00
  • Lip $10.00
  • Chin $10.00
  • Face $35.00
  • Underarms $25.00
  • Half Arms $30.00

    For both

  • Full Arms $45.00

    For both

  • Half Legs $50.00

    For both

  • Full Legs $60.00

    For both

  • Bikini $35.00
  • Brazilian $60.00+

Waxing Prices – Male*

*Because all men are not alike, charges for men’s wax treatments may vary. For men that have more than average hair to be removed, the charge will be slightly more. For the men who have less than average hair, the charge will be slightly less.
(+ indicates starting price)

  • Eyebrows $10.00
  • Back $60.00+
  • Chest $60.00+
  • Butt $30.00+
  • Brazilian $60.00+
  • Arms/Legs available Priced per client